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15 Tips for the Correct Formulation of the Subject and Object in the Dissertation Work

One of the mandatory elements of the introduction of any WRC is the subject and object. Often, the authors of scientific papers confuse these categories, which, in turn, is considered one of the worst mistakes, demonstrating a low level of professionalism and competence. Each paytowritepaper diploma or dissertation work, scientific article must contain a subject and an object. Let's define the concept of each of them.

The object of research should be understood as a phenomenon that creates a problem area in theory or life and exists regardless of the research and the author. As a rule, the object of work is the industry, sphere, institution whose activities the author analyzes, identifies its weaknesses and develops an action plan to eliminate problems. The subject of the study is a theoretical or practical part of the study, which gives a detailed description of the individual aspects, properties and features of the object of study.

Thus, the subject of a scientific project is related to the theoretical part, and the object - to the practical one. Experienced performers recommend following certain rules when formulating the object and subject of the dissertation. Correlation between the topic and the subject of research. The wording of the dissertation subject, as a rule, closely coincides with the topic and purpose of the project. The subject is more general in nature, and the object is particular (on a specific example).

The subject is an integral part of the object of study. This criterion should help the answer the questions:

  • how to detect and fix the problem;

  • how to issue, present to the commission an answer to the main question, a solution to the problem.

The subject and object of the dissertation should be determined only after a competent and correct formulation of the topic. The wording of the object and subject should be clear, concise, logically coherent and clear. The subject should outline the scientific field that deals with the study of the object. It reflects the patterns of development of the object.

The statement of the subject and object should not go beyond the boundaries of the study, which are established by the topic, goal and objectives. The selection of an object and an object must be carried out strictly in a scientific style. The subject and object of the work directly depends on the author's intention: what he wants to consider, show and prove.

It is important that the definition of these criteria for scientific work coincides with the passport of the specialty, which can be found at the department at the university. In case of contradictions between the dissertation and the passport of the specialty, the scientific work will not be allowed to be defended.

When determining the subject of research, one can refer to previously defended works on this or a related topic. The use of a "sample" greatly simplifies the process of correctly formulating this element of scientific work. The subject and object of the project directly depends on the direction of the scientist, science and specialty. One object can have several subjects, so the dissertation should highlight the most significant ones. Do not list too many items. Specify this element depending on the topic, purpose and intention (problems, ideas).

The wording of the subject and object of research should be checked for literacy (errors), consistency and coherence. The subject and object should be determined after substantiating the relevance of the topic, setting goals and objectives, problems. This approach will determine the direction and methods of research, reflect the specifics of the subject. The definition of the subject and object of research should simplify the process of finding resources for writing a diploma, specify the specifics of the thesis, and emphasize its features.

Thus, the subject and object of the dissertation work allow the graduate student to set a specific direction of activity, to emphasize what exactly will be studied and analyzed by the author. These criteria are intended to show that the theoretical aspects within the chosen topic will be explored in the work, and then the knowledge gained will be applied in the practical part. This approach will confirm the level of professional competence of a graduate student.

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